The value of Microsoft SQL Server training

30 July 2013

Investing in SQL training is important for many IT professionals, as the database language is used by a large portion of corporate enterprises. Being able to configure and manage SQL setups is a surefire way to make an IT job candidate attract offers from some of the world's most reputable companies. 

In fact, certifications are considered by executives and IT managers to be evidence of a job applicant's skill. According to a Microsoft survey of tech managers, 91 percent use certifications as major criteria when hiring. Additionally, 89 percent of respondents agreed that the presence of Microsoft certification courses on a resume helps them confirm a candidate's expertise in a given field. 

With this data, it's easy to see why all IT professionals need to be willing to participate in certification courses. However, many in the industry simply do not know where to start the learning process. 

Network​ World suggested that IT professionals interested in learning about SQL Server should start with one of the older certification programs. Specifically, the source stated that industry workers should obtain certification for SQL Server 2008 because it can be done quickly. By taking just a handful of certification exams, industry staffers can become certified in using SQL Server 2008. From there, it's rather simple to take additional SQL Server 2012 training courses to become certified in the latest version of the database server tool. 

The source noted that the certification process never ends, even for the most experienced IT professionals. Because programs and software are constantly being developed and updated, tech workers are always tasked with learning about new products. 

New features for 2014
SQL Server is no different, as a number of new features are set to be included in the next version of the software. Although TechNet stated that SQL Server 2012 has been on the market for just over a year, Microsoft has already outlined plans for SQL Server 2014 which will offer support for some useful tools and processes. In particular, the 2014 version will be compatible with Hadoop and will support hybrid cloud connectivity. Also, an enhanced In-Memory OLTP system is sure to attract to interests of CIOs and IT managers who want to increase network performance. 

Participating in additional Microsoft training may seem like a hassle for employed professionals but it's rather simple with online sessions. Web-based courses can be accessed from any location, providing convenience for busy IT workers. 

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