Microsoft training for cloud services supports Azure

8 July 2013

Cloud services are taking over the workplace. Business leaders are starting to recognize how useful cloud technology can be in allowing remote connectivity across corporate networks. With Microsoft offering some of the most commonly used enterprise-grade software solutions available, participating in Microsoft training can be advantageous for IT professionals. 

One of the most flexible cloud collaboration tools on the market today is Microsoft Azure. It works in tandem with the company's trusted SQL Server, which has a reputation for stellar database performance. According to Network World, one of the most attractive aspects about Azure is its flexibility. With the use of Azure, database administrators (DBAs) can provide access to cloud-based servers, as well as hosted SQL setups. This allows a business to easily share and manage data that is hosted at a remote sever center or on a physical server in the office. In fact, the service has so many benefits that Network World named it as one of the 10 most useful cloud databases available to corporate buyers. 

ReadWrite also highlighted Azure as being a quality cloud database service. The source cited information from research firm Forrester, which indicated high levels of customer satisfaction with the service. Not only was Azure noted for having the capacity to host a number of diverse applications, but the service allows for backup, disaster recovery and testing capabilities. 

Supports various frameworks
According to Microsoft, programmers and DBAs find Azure useful because SQL Azure databases can be extremely diverse. The source stated that apps can be developed in a number of different frameworks, which means that it can be used by various IT professionals within an organization, even if they each have different certifications. Also, SQL databases run under many of the same technologies that drive SQL Server, which means that IT teams can easily adjust their skill sets to manage the setup. 

Microsoft indicated that there is a large variety of applications that can be developed in an SQL database. From transaction processing to departmental solutions, SQL and Azure can help tech workers run analytics programs while also managing collaborative business tools. 

The benefits of Azure continue to stack up as Microsoft and innovative IT professionals find new ways to use the service. Because it's such an interactive and easily adaptable service, taking the right Microsoft certification courses for managing cloud services is important. Consulting with a reputable training provider can help an IT professional pinpoint which certificates they need to properly manage a cloud setup. 

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