Lync skills can mean money for IT professionals

28 June 2013

Microsoft training for Lync server is recommended for IT professionals who want to take advantage of the money making opportunities that the program offers. The video conferencing and instant messaging unified communications (UC) platform has become more popular in recent years as companies have started to recognize them as viable alternatives to business travel. 

However, many enterprises don't understand how to configure Lync systems. That's why an IT professional with the right Lync experience can be of value to CIOs and IT managers. Also, independent IT workers can benefit from learning about the system. 

Design services
Compared to other UC solutions, Lync can be more complex. As a result, there is a significant amount of planning and design work necessary before launching the software, according to UCStrategies. 

With Lync, there are a number of architectural forms the server software can take. For this reason, a Lync expert needs to be able to analyze the particular setup and needs of a given enterprise that is looking to integrate Lync into its operations. 

The source reported that Lync design work offers a lucrative revenue source for IT professionals. Apart from just configuring the platform, IT professionals can profit from connecting Lync with other UC systems already in place at a business. Specifically, Lync can help enhance older VoIP or video conferencing platforms that are already established.

One recent Lync design project the source cited was was valued at $120,000, which shows to vibrancy of the Lync market. 

Configuration services
After a design plan has been created, enterprises still need a trained IT professionals to implement the server technology. Skills related to this process tend to focus on hardware services, with server stacking and application configuring being two attributes IT workers need to build a Lync setup. 

Lync saves money
According to Microsoft, Lync can help businesses save a significant amount of money, as the server software eliminates the need for expensive business travel. 

The source reported that an IT director from Helly Hansen stated that Lync use allowed the company to reduce travel spending by 10 to 15 percent. Also, it cut the company's mobile phone budget in half. 

This shows just how useful Lync can be and why it's becoming a popular enterprise communications solution. Due to this, Microsoft certification courses focused on server management is a worthy investment for any IT professional. Online training options offer viable solutions for IT workers looking to take Lync classes from any location. 

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