Microsoft certification courses boost salaries and career prospects

7 June 2013

Online training classes are a great way for IT professionals interested in Microsoft products to obtain SQL Server or SharePoint certification. These courses are extremely convenient and can be accessed from any location with Internet access. Also, some web-based training providers offer guaranteed classes that will take place even if just a handful of students enroll. 

However, some IT workers wonder if investing in certification is necessary for their career development. According to UC in The Valley, it's to the advantage of IT professionals to gain various certifications. As the source noted, employers are more willing to hire workers who can showcase their credentials. By completing Microsoft certification courses, job seekers are able to validate that they are knowledgeable in given tech programs and trends. 

Not only are certifications more likely to improve the chances of a worker landing a job, they will help them increase their salaries as well. A 2011 survey from MCP Mag found that 45 percent of IT professionals cited certifications as the reason for an increase in salary. 

However, many industry workers don't see the certifications as a short term solution for success. Rather, many believe that they will help develop their skill set in order to promote their career prospects down the road. Seventy-one percent noted that they made it their personal goal to achieve more certifications, while 48 percent stated that training can help them stand out from other IT workers. Overall, 70 percent of survey respondents said the Microsoft certifications have a positive impact on their careers. 

Specialized labor
One of the aspects of Microsoft certifications that can help IT professionals is that each certificate is highly focused. According to a white paper from Robert Half – a California-based staffing company – more companies will be looking for specialized IT professionals in the coming years. 

Although there is a need for workers with a concentration in certain programs and technologies, most job candidates are not focusing on specific talents in their training. Robert Half found that 70 percent of CIOs have trouble finding IT professionals with the right skills and experience. 

Since hiring managers are looking for specialized workers, candidates would be wise to focus their Microsoft training to adhere to the needs of whatever industry they wish to work in. Nearly all businesses in every sector have some need for a professional IT staff. Understanding what skills are needed to address tech trends within certain industries will only make an IT job applicant more attractive to CIOs. 

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