IT professionals work hard in the face of adversity

31 May 2013

For IT professionals, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends while enabling a company to operate effectively. Despite the number of challenges they face, IT workers are almost always thrilled to be part of the tech industry. 

According to a survey conducted by TEKsystems, 95 percent of IT professionals are proud to be working in the field. Even if they could hit the restart button and choose a different career, 81 percent of the survey's respondents would stick with IT as a profession. The same number of respondents say they would encourage undergraduates to explore an IT-related career, given the chance. Proving that they are dedicated to their work, 72 percent state they willingly help friends and family with tech issues they experience. What this shows is that IT professionals truly do love what they do. It's this constant vigilance to their craft that makes these employees so valuable. 

Gain certification 
One way this dedication is manifested is through continued education. With trends and products changing all the time, there's always a need for IT professionals to participate in training. Whether its Microsoft certification courses or graduate level university programs, ITworld notes that personnel in the industry must always strive to increase their knowledge of various applications. 

The source states that one of the main advantages of obtaining certificates is that it provides professionals with a solid base of skills from which they can launch successful careers. Also, classes relating to these certifications are very specific, which can help IT workers gain a specialization within the industry. Hiring managers don't only view IT certifications as being representative of knowledge, they often are able to ascertain how driven an applicant is. The presence of several certificates on a resume shows that a candidate is self-driven, even more so than a college degree, as participation in these programs are voluntary.

By having the right Microsoft training under the belt, IT professionals can set themselves apart from other job seekers. A recent TechServe Alliance survey found that the top pain point CIOs have when it comes to IT staff is onboarding. In any industry, it can be a challenge to enter a new office and immediately get up to speed. However, it can be even more difficult when it comes to hiring IT personnel. If an interviewee can demonstrate that he or she knows how to properly run business applications already in place, that particular candidate will probably be considered over those who are unfamiliar with a given server or hardware function. 

Job growth a good sign
Due to a rebounding economy, IT jobs are booming. TechServe Alliance found that it can be fairly simple for unemployed IT workers to find a job. In fact, 84 percent of IT professionals surveyed by the source said that they were able to gain employment after less than three months of job hunting. Further, 32 percent were employed in under two weeks

Despite job vacancies in the industry increasing, it would be unwise for professionals in the industry to pump the breaks. After all, most employees in the IT sector are extremely active in increasing their skill sets, even if they currently have a job. Workers should consider themselves lucky that the industry appears to be in a robust state, but shouldn't stop attempting to progress their careers. 

An online Microsoft training course is an easy way to boost future prospects. These courses can be taken from anywhere and are often guaranteed, even if there is a low enrollment, benefits that most traditional classroom sessions don't provide for busy IT professionals. 

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