Why is regular Microsoft training needed?

30 May 2013

Microsoft certification courses can provide IT professionals with the necessary tools to succeed at any enterprise. The various certificates that the company provides are trusted in most industries and can make an applicant's resume stand out. However, many tech workers believe that once they have completed training, there's no longer a need to take additional courses. 

However, that may be a dangerous assumption, according to MCPmag.com. This is because Microsoft has overhauled its certification platform recently, which may change the way older certificates are listed on transcripts. The source noted that when the program was revamped, the company still included old training courses on transcripts. However, now each certificate listed displays when that recognition was achieved. 

It's part of the software firm's strategy to get Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) to regularly update their credentials to stay on top of emerging IT trends. MCPmag stated that it would be wise for IT workers to continually take training classes in order to showcase more recent certificates on their resumes. 

Old system phased out
In 2008, Microsoft changed its popular certification platform, which included Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Systems Associate (MCSA) programs. In their place came Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certificates, according to Crisp360. 

However, the source reported that after public backlash, the company reinstituted the old MCSE and MCSA programs in 2012. Moreover, the replacement MCITP and MCTS initiatives are scheduled to be scrapped and slowly phased out. Although Microsoft will grant MCSA status for those with MCITP certification, the switch shows just how quickly changes take place in the world of IT certification. Staying on top of the latest trends is pivotal for any IT worker. 

Cloud based solutions
Apart from formatting adaptations, new technology can alter the landscape of certification. Participating in continued Microsoft training courses will ensure that IT professionals understand emerging trends. 

Crisp360 reported that Microsoft's latest certification offerings are focusing more on cloud based proficiency. Older certificates won't include recognition of cloud training, but the latest versions will. Particularly in today's business environment, being able to address cloud servers is important for IT workers. 

Online classes provide one of the best ways for IT professionals to brush up on their training. Many web-based course services offer a number of guaranteed classes that will be held, even if just a handful of students enroll. 

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