Managers, clients put faith in certified IT professionals

21 May 2013

The value of Microsoft certification courses for IT professionals can't be understated. Having official recognition from one of the world's leading brands can help boost salaries and career prospects. 

Tech-FAQ notes that Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certificates are the most widespread in the IT industry. Since this is the standard certification that professionals receive, the source analyzed how it stacks up to an average baccalaureate computer science degree. According to the source, the comparison is justified because of the similar time investment that each level of education requires for completion. 

MCSE certificate holders take home around $68,500 per year according to the source, while recipients of computer science Bachelor's degrees have an average annual starting salary of $59,221. This shows that investing in Microsoft training can be beneficial for IT workers. 

It would be unwise to neglect the value of a college level education. In fact, having both a reputable degree and various tech certifications will only make job candidates stand out. Even so, Tech-FAQ states that there are some practical business skills that college courses may not provide. However, IT training classes specifically focus on talents necessary to operate in an office setting. 

Certified workers are trusted
A white paper from IBM backs up the sentiment that IT certification is important for aspiring tech professionals. The computer giant cited an IDC survey that found 66 percent of managers and executives believe certified tech employees offer superior support and service. Further, 80 percent of end-users trust certified IT professionals more than those without proper training. 

IT certificates are not only beneficial to workers, as business leaders can profit from employing knowledgeable staff. IBM reports that downtime at firms with certified tech professionals is 20 percent lower than non-certified offices, which can boost productivity and save costs associated with addressing malfunctioning hardware or getting networks back online. 

Employers would be wise to promote continued training among IT staff, as technology is changing all the time. When new products hit the market, there's a need for businesses to adapt quickly and doing so requires and adequately trained IT professionals to facilitate the process.

In fact, footing the bill for additional IT certifications for employees is a solid investment for any company to make. Now more than ever, IT infrastructure is extremely important to day-to-day operations for most businesses. Ensuring that IT personnel are highly effective means supplying them the opportunity to increase their skill set. 

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