Improving technology means IT training is always necessary

Microsoft training isn't something that IT professionals should partake in on only one occasion. Instead, IT workers should constantly pursue certifications, as many of Microsoft's products and servers are updated every year.

Although harboring knowledge on products that are always adapting can seem like a burden, it's easier than most tech professionals think. Many training outlets provide online courses that are easy to access from anywhere. Also, some offer guaranteed classes, unlike many classroom-based educators that cancel sessions if only a few individuals register. 

As Techday notes, the faster technology develops, the faster it becomes obsolete. Companies that use older software or servers can be left behind by the competition if they fail to keep up with emerging trends in the tech world. For this reason, Microsoft is offering discounts on many of its business related tools. Although the sales reported by the source on Small Business Server 2011 and Windows Server 2012 may appear to be promotions of outdated software, they may in fact help some businesses move into modernity if they have servers and IT systems that are more than 10 years old.

IT workers need to ready for upgrades
Firms that have hardware systems that have been in place for a decade would be wise to invest in new products. That doesn't mean that the top of the line systems need to be bought though.

Windows Server 2012, in particular, is still a relatively new and up-to-date business tool that can help companies expand productivity and speed up operations. Microsoft certification courses for Windows Server can help IT managers working with older platforms get up to speed on the software. Since there are significant price reductions currently available for the software, now is the time to invest in training.

For some CIOs, investing in training for anything but the cutting edge may seem like a pointless strategy. However, it's probably one of the more cost effective approaches to IT education that companies can make. 

When new products get developed, it's much easier for IT workers to obtain certification for the latest product if they have training under their belt for a previous version. Many upper level certifications, especially from Microsoft, often require pre-requisite training in other past platforms. For example, Neowin recently reported that Microsoft has hinted that they will release a Window Server Blue edition for its 2012 version. 

As updates to current software are released and new products hit the market, IT workers with up-to-date training are the ones that will be able to implement the latest technology into business operations. Even if CIOs do not wish to purchase the latest product on the market, having knowledgeable IT staffers in the company will make the transition easier when they do decide to upgrade. 

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