IT managers have trouble finding talent

15 May 2013

Now, more than ever, businesses are relying on technology to help boost their fortunes. A recent study from CompTIA showed that more than three quarters of CIOs and IT managers believe that the right technology is a major factor in the overall success of a given business. 

In fact, providing the right IT infrastructure is such an important goal that more than half of the survey respondents said they plan to increase spending on hardware during 2013. Also, four in 10 want to hire new IT professionals in the coming year. 

Despite the desire to increase IT proficiency, many executives believe that finding candidates with the right IT training and skills is a difficult task. CompTIA noted that the majority of respondents to its survey are concerned about the availability of quality talent looking for IT jobs. 

"In many cases skills gaps are a natural part of the IT industry due to the speed of innovation," said Terry Erdle, executive vice president of CompTIA. "The demand for new technologies can get ahead of the supply of workers who are well trained and credentialed in those areas."

With IT trends constantly developing, there is a need for even the most experienced tech professionals to participate in additional certification courses. CITEworld noted that hiring managers shouldn't only focus on how knowledgeable IT applicants are when they consider hiring new employees. Instead, they should be concerned with what they plan to learn. Job candidates who showcase a desire to develop their skill set will stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. 

Workers who want to progress and learn should be rewarded by their employers. From SharePoint training to Windows Server Certification, there are many online courses available to IT professionals that aren't costly for businesses to provide. In particular, education in Microsoft platforms is important because the use of its products is widespread.

SharePoint market
More than 100,000 companies use SharePoint across the world, according to Microsoft. Getting certified in the business collaboration software is a good step for any aspiring tech professional. 

Due to Microsoft's staying power in the technology industry, many companies go with SharePoint, says Jacob Morgan of Chess Media Group. When companies are faced with choosing a tech vendor, they want an enterprise that will be around for some time. Microsoft's stellar track record and market dominance makes it an attractive choice for many businesses. 

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