Providing training can help employers hold onto IT talent

10 May 2013

CIOs often have trouble holding onto talented IT personnel. Experienced tech workers are in high demand as companies look to staff the best IT team possible in the ever-evolving IT market. For any employee, the opportunity for professional development is important. However, in the IT world, the need for continuing education for workers is pivotal. Whether its Linux or Microsoft training, IT workers benefit from growing their expertise. Also, it gives businesses more flexibility because their proficient IT team will be able to easily integrate various systems into daily operations in an efficient manner. 

Still, holding onto talented IT professionals can be burdensome. According to a survey conducted by the Linux Foundation and Dice, the top incentive for IT workers when considering switching jobs is, unsurprisingly, money. Seventy-four percent of IT respondents said that a higher salary is a major consideration when they are offered a new job.

For some companies, especially small businesses, increasing employee salaries can be difficult, particularly if they are trying to outbid a large corporation. However, keeping the best IT workers in house isn't impossible. The Dice and Linux Foundation survey found that a better work/life balance is a top incentive for 61 percent of employees. Providing a better workplace for an IT professional can go a long way to making them want to stay on board. 

Make them decision makers
As CIO Magazine notes, programmers, engineers and IT managers are often opinionated. They want their higher-ups to listen to them and value their input. And honestly, CIOs and CEOs should consider what their IT managers have to say. They are the ones in the trenches, dealing with the day-to-day IT issues, which means they know what can make operations run more smoothly. Keeping IT workers happy can simply mean giving them a place at the table with other decision makers. 

Provide training
As noted earlier, technology is always developing and changing. IT workers need to be on top of the latest trends to provide the best support. Not only will it benefit the company to have an IT team that is aware of cutting-edge technology but, as CIO Magazine states, it's what IT workers want. They are highly driven employees who are passionate about technology. 

Providing an IT workforce with proper training isn't difficult or overly expensive. Microsoft training courses, for example, can be conducted online. These certifications are highly valued in most industries and can help employees improve their career prospects. 

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