Microsoft training for two emerging products can boost IT careers

7 May 2013

There are several Microsoft programs and platforms that are either standard or expanding market share in the business world. Taking Microsoft certification courses for these fields will make IT workers stand out from other job-seeking tech professionals. 

Windows Phone emerging
Although Android and Apple devices remain the most owned smartphones on the market, the Windows Phone is making impressive strides considering how young the product is. As the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement further expands, it's likely that the Windows Phone will be seen more and more in the workplace. Kantar Worldpanel ComTech recently released its first quarter smartphone market share report in which it noted the Windows Phone gained 1.9 percent of the market share year-over-year. 

More than half of mobile phone users in the United States own featurephones, according to Kantar.  Fifty-two percent of individuals who embraced Windows Phones for the first time in 2012 upgraded to the devices from other featurephone providers.Knowing how the Windows Phone can fit into a BYOD workplace will be important for IT teams.

BizTalk knowledge
This is the server that many power players use. According to Microsoft, 81 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies use BizTalk. The cloud-based tool is a trusted way for businesses to connect apps via the cloud. It's able to access a broad number of devices and is known for powerful and rapid processing ability. 

An Infosys report noted that nine out of the 10 largest American aerospace and defense firms use BizTalk. The news source also states that one investment bank is able to process $150 billion per day with help from BizTalk servers. A separate payment company – that the source notes as one of the biggest in the world – addresses millions of transactions per month with BizTalk and 15 to 20 percent of payments are processed in less than 30 minutes. Microsoft training for BizTalk could put IT professionals on a career path to succeed at one of these major corporations.

In the IT industry, an upward career path depends heavily on knowledge. If a tech worker isn't up-to-date on the latest server or smartphone offerings, he or she may find job opportunities to be limited. Training is simple, easy and worth investing in. In fact, classes can be taken online from the home or office, making it convenient for IT professionals to progress in their careers. These web-based lessons are often guaranteed, meaning that they don't require a certain number of participants to enroll in order to take place.

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