Companies with trained IT staff reduce website risks

6 May 2013

Having a well-trained IT team in-house is important for any company. In today's business world, cyber crimes abound and any person or organization that uses the internet is at risk of being victimized by a hacker. The best way to combat those threats is to employ a team of certified IT professionals. 

According to Computer Weekly, there's a very real security advantage to investing in IT training programs for tech workers. The source reported that companies that provide IT education courses to employees have 40 percent fewer vulnerabilities on their corporate sites.

The number of online portals that have major security vulnerabilities is staggering. A recent WhiteHat Security study found that 86 percent of all websites contain a serious data risk. The number appears to be increasing, with the source noting the number of insecure sites jumped 4 percent in 2012. 

Without a properly trained staff, these issues can be crippling, even when they are noticed. On average, it takes a company 193 days to completely resolve major vulnerabilities. For educational institutions, it can take as long as 342 days to address these concerns. 

WhiteHat Security found that only 61 percent of all major vulnerabilities were resolved last year, meaning many sites remain open for a disastrous security breach.

IT training also boosts productivity 
No matter if it's Microsoft certification courses or other IT classes, companies and employees can benefit from training their tech staff. As is the case with any employee, a well-trained IT staff member will be able to boost productivity at a company. They can ensure that all tech systems are running smoothly, which can reduce server and hardware downtime which can allow employees to stay productive for longer. 

According to Microsoft, 3.8 million small businesses in the United States have an at least one amateur IT worker managing tech infrastructure. The source found that these untrained managers lose six hours of productivity every week due to an inability to properly address IT problems that arise. More worrying for business leaders who don't employ well-trained IT staff is that they lost about $24 billion every year because of production declines that result from down servers and inefficient hardware management.

Online Microsoft training courses are available to these busy small business owners. They can easily set up training classes for their workers to help them progress professionally and also aid the company in increasing productivity across the board. 

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