How IT professionals can better serve CIOs

1 May 2013

For, CIOs, the work is never over. These multifunctional IT gurus are faced with strategic planning while also having to address operational issues involving IT implementation and hardware. IT managers that provide their CIOs with knowledgeable and proficient service will be highly valued by executives.

A recent survey from Sierra Ventures of Fortune 500 CIOs across various industries found that there are a few things in particular that they rue when it comes to IT operations. The biggest gripe that tech executives have is that their IT departments have a skills shortage. A total of 32 percent of respondents indicated that training among tech personnel is lacking.

There couldn't be an easier way to gain an advantage over other tech professionals than being highly trained. Fortunately, online Microsoft certification courses are readily available, which will arm IT workers with the tools necessary to address standard programs and devices across various industries. Symantec estimates that 78 percent of all Fortune 500 firms use Microsoft SharePoint, an incredible portion of some of the world's most lucrative companies. Knowing how to operate this business collaboration tool can set IT workers apart from the pack. 

Old system knowledge still useful 
The 2010 version of SharePoint will start to be phased out by the 2013 edition, as is the normal procedure when new versions of products hit the market. Although it may seem unnecessary to understand expiring systems, many executives have a need for workers that have experience with older platforms. Sierra Ventures found that 29 percent of CIOs find trouble when working with legacy systems. As companies switch from old version to the new, they need tech junkies that know how to access and interact with current and outdated software so they can transfer data efficiently. That's why even despite the fact that a new version of SharePoint has been released, SharePoint 2010 training on a resume may look attractive to some CIOs. 

With the bring your own device and mobile workplace movements becoming more popular, CIOs have a glaring need for talented IT professionals. Without those tech savvy workers, companies can truly be left behind by the competition. 

Spending on personal training is a worthy investment for anybody in the IT field. The more skills that can be acquired the better, as CIOs will notice those employees that keep coming up with solutions and suggestions for their technology troubles. 

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