Lack of IT expertise highlights need for online training

25 April 2013

IT managers may not be the well-trained professionals that many workers believe them to be. 

According to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), 60 percent of all administrative workers, IT professionals included, receive less than 10 hours in training a year. Perhaps more surprisingly, many businesses aren't helping their IT workers stay up to speed, with 1 in 3 administrators saying they are responsible for their own training, according to the IAAP report. 

It's a worrying trend for the corporate world, as mobility and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies gain popularity. Without proper training in dealing with these emerging tech trends, companies may find that they are unable to take advantage of cutting edge technology. 

Nearly 75 percent of all Fortune 500 companies have BYOD policies, while 40 percent of the world's work force uses mobile technology in some form for work. In fact, 71 percent of the firms surveyed by the IAAP say that they will do most of their work on the cloud by 2020. 

SharePoint training is important for IT teams
One of the most popular mobile work interfaces that businesses are using today is Microsoft SharePoint. It's a great way for employees based in other parts of the world to collaborate via video and organize projects in an easy to navigate platform. Although it can be difficult for corporate leaders to train IT professionals to use and operate the software, there are companies that offer online SharePoint classes. This eliminates the need to send IT managers out of the office to receive training. 

Becoming certified by professional training experts is important for IT managers. Without adequate education, IT teams will be ineffective at addressing concerns that are related to the latest programs or technologies. 

Despite a lack of training in the administrative field, most human resources professionals believe that proper education, such as SharePoint certification, will become more useful to corporations in the coming years, a survey from CompTIA indicated. 

"Now more than ever, there's little margin for error for making a bad hire," said Tim Herbert, vice president of CompTIA. "In an environment of needing to do more with less, organizations cannot afford the time and cost of bringing on a new employee who cannot contribute immediately."

Proper tech certification is of great importance to both IT workers and business leaders. For IT professionals, it indicates a level of credibility while for executives, it shows that there's a level of technological competence within a given company. 

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