The Process

Our Train Live classrooms are powered by two main software applications: Citrix Gotomeeting and LogMeIn.

Below are detailed instructions on how to connect to the classroom. Train Live requires a high-speed internet connection, and either two computers or one computer with dual displays for the best experience possible.

To connect to your lab computer, perform the following steps:

  1. Using a web browser, go to
  2. Log in using the form on the right of the screen. The usernames and passwords for LogMeIn should be provided in an email that this document came with.
  3. Select the “remote control” button to connect to the lab computer. logmein
  4. If prompted, install any ActiveX controls or add-ins that your browser prompts you for (it may take a moment to prompt you).
  5. Log into the computer with the “local machine” set of provided credentials.logmein-screen
  6. Once logged in, you can use the toolbar at the top of the viewing area to view the remote computer in full screen mode.logmein-screen2

Please note that you might not be able to use certain Windows hotkeys (such as ctrl+alt+delete) – if you mouse up to the top of your screen a panel will slide down allowing you to send special commands to your remote machine.remote-machine

For example, the indicated button in the screenshot above will sent ctrl+alt+delete to your remote machine.

DIGITAL COURSEWARE: You will receive an email before your course with the courseware licence and instructions for accessing the courseware. You can access the courseware with IE9 or Chrome, you can also install the courseware reader from

It is recommended but not required that you have another computer/monitor or digital device to be able to browse through the student manual and various Lab Manuals during the class.

To connect to the instructor presentation/meeting, perform the following steps:

  1. Using a web browser go to
  2.  Browse and click on Join Meeting on the top right  of the web pagegotomeeting
  3. Enter the meeting ID  ( all numeric values) and press continue; gotomeeting-login
  4. If prompted, install any ActiveX controls or add-ins that your browser prompts you for (it may take a moment to prompt you).
  5. If you join before the instructor has joined the meeting you will see the following screen.gotomeeting-success
  6. On prompt, please enter your name / email address ( this will be displayed as participant information to the instructor on his meeting screen)
  7. If required, maximize the view by clicking on the top right hand side maximize button. Click on the orange arrow to minimize the gotomeeting sidebar and get a full screen view of the session.trainlive-view
  8. During the session you will be able to see the instructor live through the webcam. The video telecast quality would partially depend on the internet connection being used by the client.

Audio (GoToMeeting integrated audio).

You can hear and talk to the instructor using the audio built into GoToMeeting. We recommend a headset with microphone. All TrainLive students will receive a brand new LogiTech headset. These high end USB headsets are compatible with all operating systems and devices.

You can find more information on audio support here:

In order to detect and avoid any potential issues, we strongly recommend you test all of the connections one day in advance to the scheduled date.

If you have any questions or concerns, simply reply to the email this document was attached to and our technicians can assist you. It is recommended that you attempt these connections before your course begins to ensure that we can deal with any problems without delaying its starting on time!  We hope you enjoy the learning experience to its full extent.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means we’re not satisfied with your training experience until you are!